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About Us

Aura was designed and built in 2012, with pure love and soul. Every part of Aura holds a story to tell. Located in the outskirts of Chandigarh in a rural setting, Aura is sprawled over 3 acres of lush green space which houses the family residence, organic kitchen garden, fruit orchards, pottery studio, potters villa and abundance of natural beauty.

At Aura, we wish to build a community of people who share our values. From DIY workshops to conscious events that showcase homegrown brands, Aura is here to bring concepts of sustainability, low waste and mindful living to Chandigarh.

Explore our upcoming workshops, events and open days. You are also invited to come explore potential collaborations with Aura Life, Aura Pottery, Aura OKG and RedAlkemi.


Conscious events:

At Aura, we host conscious, mindful and sustainable events to bring a new way of living to Chandigarh. Our events showcase unique, ethical and mindful brands that craft responsible products for home, beauty, personal care, and lifestyle. Enrich yourself with sustainability and make it a lifestyle at our next Aura life event. Come join us for our upcoming events.

Weekend Workshops:

Enrich yourself with the latest activities that we conduct at Aura. We host workshops centered around the concept of low waste, sustainability, mindful consumption and pottery workshops. Come add to your knowledge with a series of informative workshops - from DIY Kombucha to composting at home, we aim to offer engaging sessions with field experts to expose you to a new way of life that is kind to the Earth.

Open day at Aura:

Experience the Aura Life on Open Day! We invite you to come, spend time with the hosts, take a tour of the property, play with the pets and soak in nature. Aura offers a unique space, creating an atmosphere for building a community of people who share the same values. Enjoy some Aura chai and explore how you can collaborate with us for various ventures at Aura.

Collaborate with us:

Do you have a dynamic role? Are you a coder but also a nature enthusiast? A farmer and also a photographer?

Aura is always looking for dynamic, fun and young people to join our tribe! We run various ventures like Aura Pottery, Aura OKG, RedAlkemi, and Aura Life. Come visit us at one of our open days, to explore coming on board and becoming a part of the Aura Team

Aura Thrift Shop

Bringing second-hand shopping to Chandigarh. Did you know that the fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluting industry? Buying new items from unethical brands comes at severe costs to the environment. Thrifting or ‘second-hand shopping’ helps reduce your carbon footprint while avoiding the purchase of new items. We offer you quality thrifting for clothes, shoes, books and accessories at the Aura Thrift Shop.

Shoot at Aura

Aura offers a diverse backdrop for films, photoshoots, and promotions. Flooded with natural light, modern interiors and serene settings outdoor, Aura is a versatile location that offers multiple shoot opportunities. From clean, luxurious architecture to amenities including an infinity pool and piano, Aura offers a versatile environment to carry out photo, video and movie shoots. Take a look at our portfolio. Fill in the form to get in touch with us to book Aura for a shoot!

Aura Nursery

Make your homes green and purified by adding lush indoor and outdoor plants to it. At Aura, we're surrounded by plants of all kinds. Over the years they have multiplied, giving us the opportunity to pass them on to friends and family. The Aura Nursery offers lush, exotic plants to help you improve the air quality in your home. From Syngoniums to Monsterras, we have a large variety of indoor and outdoor plants for you to take home. Take a look at The Aura Nursery.

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