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Winter Day Invite



24 Nov | 12-4PM | AURA POOLSIDE

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Winter Day is an afternoon get together at Aura with 10-12 creators bringing handcrafted, or homemade items to share and sell.

We welcome you to spend a bright sunny winter day to mingle with creators and meet some fun and wonderful people while enjoying music, organic food and celebrating life!

Take a look at the Makers we’ve curated below.

Ajitabh Verma


Atra, a Sanskrit word meaning “here” is an aspiring label commenced by Ajitabh Verma in conjunction with his skillful team of artisans. It’s not just a label; it is a passion and a dream.

Atra has more than twenty years of experience of creating exclusive textiles & lifestyle products, well adorned by Indian traditional & contemporary crafts, i.e. – Handlooms, embroideries, Block printing, dyeing, etc.

We primarily design soft furnishings, fashion accessories and lifestyle products and also provide bespoke textile and lifestyle products service to clients who want quality work.

Anant and Siddhartha


Studio Aranya was conceived in 2006 by architects Anant Mann and Siddhartha Wig. They wanted a space to create furniture & home decor products that would be aesthetically unusual, highly crafted, and durable.

Since then, their focus has remained on expanding their creative vision, as well as incorporating sustainable and local materials into their products. The process of transforming ideas into reality has always been a collaborative exercise for Studio Aranya, whether it comes to design, execution with skilled labor, or the eventual home each product finds in a client's living space.

Jyoti Arora


Vatama Solutions came into existence with a passion to work for the environment and the garbage collectors who quietly come and collect bags of waste from our homes.

Alarmed by climate change and nuisance humans are creating in the environment, Jyoti began her research on waste management & experimented with composting at home. Finally, she settled with the daily dump composters. With an aim to increase awareness she started the firm and today have more than 1000 installations in Punjab, Delhi NCR, Himachal, and Haryana.

Pallavi & Malvika Lalwani


Ziddi is fierce and independent - one of a kind. We embrace the power of womanhood. Ziddi dedicates itself to the wonderful and powerful women who make the world a beautiful place.

Ziddi is about reviving a dying thread craft. Ethical and empowering, each piece has a story of revival to express. Our threads are woven by Patwa artisans near Rajasthan. We work with the women in the village to relearn the style of weaves from the elders.

Ziddi is Unique and Sustainable. The goal is to be carbon neutral, sustainable, low waste and environment-friendly.

Indu Singh


To keep your inner light shining in a fast-paced world is a challenge. Indu has chosen to steep herself in art and creativity as a means to feel connected. Her love for all things earthy, real and timeless led to the creation of these lamps. In her words, “moving to Chandigarh left me feeling almost uprooted; strange, considering my roots are here. While building our home, we used wood extensively in it. This gave rise to the thought of ‘Ru’, the lamps. It’s been an enriching and rewarding experience. One in which I hope you will take as much pleasure as I did in creating them.

Annie & Harsheen

Cosmic Twins

Cosmic Twins is a story of two organic artisans united for their love of all things wild and handcrafted, contributing to the spirit of herbalism, a phenomenon that promotes eco-living.

Our commitment to the planet and its people brought us into the art of crafting goods that heal, nurture and reprogram the mind, body, and soul.

We make a conscious effort to source our ingredients and packaging that are good for the body and the earth. We believe the more we habituate the environment, the more it yields. Hence, many of our ingredients are wild-harvested locally by us.

Nina Lath Gupta

by Nina

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and along with hair, its protective covering. It provides a physical barrier against infections, supports the life of all other body parts, and plays a role in maintaining our immune system. As with food that we take in, all products that we use on our skin and hair affect our health as well.

Homemade by Nina is the outcome of a lifelong fascination for Grandma solutions, with their unwavering faith in the ability of nature to heal, as well as a deep appreciation for the wondrous bounty that Earth never fails to surprise us with. We make a very tiny attempt to capture some of these elements of nature in our all-natural creations, and hope you will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making and using them.

Shyamli Chaudhry


Cupro focuses on high-quality wardrobe essentials, timeless pieces meant to last, simple and artsy aesthetic for every day, beyond trends and seasons. A fusion between indulgence and restraint, eclectic and uniform.

Today, there is an obsession for fast fashion pushing us to buy innumerable products of progressively lower quality by an industry that thrives on offering bargains instead of value.

We’re building an alternative that proves there is a better way. We’re trying to make clothes what they should be. Clothes that fit, that feel great, that inspire.

Lekha Lath

Nani’s Potted

On every trip Nani makes to Aura, she arrives with plants of all varieties in her car. While you may know Nani for her knitting, she's also an ace succulent planter!

Succulents are Nani's specialty. The Pottery Studio is able to pass on all 'imperfect' pots to Nani, which she uses to plant her succulents. As and when Nani comes to Aura, she cares for her plants and makes sure her succulents are growing beautifully. Take a look at her beautiful collection and adopt a plant to make your home greener.

Anuja Lath

Aura Pottery

Aura Pottery was conceived by Anuja, a self-taught potter who fell in love with pottery and never looked back. A potter's wheel and a bag of clay are what started the studio, which has now emerged into a fully equipped learning center and a retreat for potters around the world.

We work with a collaborative spirit at Aura and the studio has gradually grown into a family of collaborators. They’re not only handcrafted but are thoughtfully put together designs, that start from one creative hand and pass on to another.

Aura Home Produce

Aura Home Produce brings you healthy, easy-going and delicious food. With in-house produce and healthy recipes, the food at Aura is refreshing yet authentic. We have a knack for taking classic recipes and adding a healthy twist to them. Try out our cookies, cakes, muesli, and chocolate that all our guests can’t stop raving about!

The Aura Chai is a blend of cinnamon, black pepper, clove, cardamom, tulsi leaves, ginger and more. Perfect as an all-day drink and great for clearing congestion. Your best bet for a dose of loving, natural warmth.

Eshna Kutty

Flow Artiste

Eshna Kutty is a Flow Artiste and Dance/Movement Therapy (D/MT) Practitioner. She's been performing and facilitating workshops for over 5 years across India. Hooping made her realize that Movement is for everybody: all bodies, genders and age groups. She has worked with diverse groups across the country including female inmates of Tihar Jail, children from marginalized backgrounds, corporates and white-collar executives, children with disabilities and gymnasts training for the Commonwealth Games. She has worked with organizations like BLK Hospital, YWCA, Mumbai and JEET Foundation.

Arunesh Moudgil

Movement Artist

I love to ‘be’. I surrender to the moment and serendipity happens. Movement is my meditation to feel fully alive and grounded. Through travel, collaboration and performance I'm finding my truest expression.

I believe to be an authentic creator one must be tuned in to the source of creation. To connect with the source one must drop everything one has picked up along the way. Being mindful is being true to the moment.

My methods include movement meditation and bodywork through juggling, flow-arts, rope-walking.


24 Nov | 12-4PM | AURA POOLSIDE

Click here for Location

Winter Day falls on Atul’s birthday.
All proceeds will be donated.