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About Us

Aura was designed and built in 2009, by Atul and Anuja, whose creative background gave rise to their home and their daughters, Ada & Anya. Built with pure love and soul, every part of Aura holds a story to tell. The family’s collaborative spirit and love for meeting new people turned the property into a hub for friends & artists to explore and have a relaxed environment to work in.

Anuja was first introduced to pottery in 2015, and she was inspired enough to pursue her dream of a studio which would someday be buzzing with people who love to learn and practice pottery. Her love soon turned into a reality, bringing to life Aura Pottery.

Atul took three years off work to build Aura the way it stands today. A lover of science and a passionate organic farmer, researcher and sculptor, Aura was engineered to perfection under his mindful supervision and calm demeanor. Sadly, we lost him in Feb 2019, although his playful spirit and generosity still lingers. 

Aura Life is our newest venture that came to life post mid 2019. It is our opportunity to open up this beautiful space to the public. Having lived a life away from the city for almost a decade, we developed a new way of living - one that pays special attention to mindful consumption, protecting the environment and giving back to the society.

Through happenings at Aura Life, we wish to build a community of people who share our values. From DIY workshops to conscious events that showcase homegrown brands, Aura is here to bring concepts of sustainability, low waste and mindful living to Chandigarh.


Aura Life is run by a small team, which is happy to interact and work with people visiting from all over the globe. The team ensures that your time is well spent at Aura and that you benefit from the activities organized!





Aura Pottery has 4 resident pets, namely Fifi, Bosch, Bono and Mojo. They love all visitors and truly believe you have come to meet and play with them. Fifi wants endless petting, Bosch has more energy that can be dealt with easily, and little Bono has a new best friend Mojo, who despite being a tiny fellow has a big personality and it's an absolute joy to have him as a part of Aura Family.