aura life
Have you ever wondered how such precise yet life-like graphics are made?
Which sometimes even move and animate?
Or even interact with your input?
Processing Community Day

Learn to create graphics and animations with computers - no prior coding experience required! Join us at Chandigarh’s first Processing Community Day - a half a day workshop on how to use Processing (p5js), one of the most popular computer graphics coding library, to make the visuals shown above and more!

When: 29th Feb, 2020 - 3:00PM to 6:00PM

Where: Aura Farm, Kurali Chandigarh Rd, Punjab

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We will start from the basics - on how to draw simple shapes and gradually move towards drawing organic forms, animation, and interaction in a fun and engaging way. By the end of the workshop you would have acquired skills that you can then apply to:

  • create abstract art masterpieces
  • design info-graphics and custom interactions for websites
  • computationally design patterns for fabrics
  • iterate over design ideas for architectural installations

Also, you will get to take home a framed print out of your creation.

Sample Creations
  • tendrils
  • rose
  • spirograph
  • spiral grid
Instructor's Bio
Samarth Gulati
Instructor Samarth

Samarth is currently working as an Independent UX Designer in Chandigarh. Previously, he was at Adobe - San Francisco for 2.5 years, working as an Experience Developer in their Search and Sensei (AI/ML) team.

Outside of work he builds generative art snippets on CodePen and at times brings them to physical world using a plotter / 3D printer. He is also an avid listener of audiobooks, especially in cog-sci, and behavioral psychology genre.